#BBNaija 2020: Why I Don’t Like Sleeping in Your Bed – Prince Tells Tolanibaj

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2020 Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Prince has finally revealed why he feels awkward sleeping in his supposed girlfriend’s Tolanibaj bed.

According to him, he does not sleep peacefully whenever he sleeps on Tolani’s bed as his spirit doesn’t accept some of her roommates.

He further stated that whenever he slept on her bed, he’ll have to start sleeping all over again in his own bed the next day.

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The native from Abia state made this known when he was confronted by Tolani to explain why he avoids her room.

Prince Tells Tolanibaj
Prince Tells Tolanibaj BBNaija housemate

“It’s just about me,”

“If I don’t feel comfortable about any place I don’t like being in that place. Yes I can come there during the day do whatever but I’m not just comfortable sleeping there.

“As a matter of fact I don’t really feel comfortable sleeping in any other beds. Me telling you that I don’t feel comfortable sleeping in you guys’ room, that’s the reason.

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“I don’t feel comfortable there. Even when I sleep in your room, I don’t sleep as peacefully because even when I wake up the next day…how many times have I slept in your room?

“For every single time [I slept in your room] I always go back to my room to sleep the next day. The funny thing is, I wasn’t even the one that noticed it. People in my room noticed it.“From day one, I’ve already told you I don’t want to come to that room. If I want to do something I go ahead and do it. If I want to go anywhere I go there and I don’t care about anyone’s opinion.

“From day one when you asked me to come sleep in your room, what did I say? The first I said was no. I don’t have to give you reasons.

“Can’t someone just feel uncomfortable somewhere? There are some people I don’t feel comfortable being around. Not that they did anything but because my spirit doesn’t accept them,” Prince said to Tolanibaj

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