Andy Ruiz Jr demands £40m to fights Again Anthony Joshua in the UK

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American-born Mexican boxer, Andy Ruiz Jr has intensely requested £40million to rematch Anthony Joshua in the UK subsequent to winning the last match in the seventh round a weekend ago to become heavyweight world champion.

Andy Ruiz who dropped Anthony Joshua four times before halting him in the seventh round during their last match. He set off the rematch condition with the second fight due to take in November or December.

In an interview with Fight Hub, He said:

“Right now my team, they’re negotiating everything right now. I’ve just got to stay busy, stay healthy and be ready for the rematch,” 

“I’d love it to be here in the United States or in Mexico you know. It all depends on the team and what they negotiate.

“If they want me to go over there, they’ve got to give me $50million. If they want to come over here… It’s just negotiations you know.”

The former heavyweight world champion is confident he will reclaim his titled at the heavyweight division.

“Congratulations to Andy Ruiz, he has six months to be champion because the belts go in the air and he’s going to have to defend against myself,” 

“I wouldn’t mind if it was in New York again, I wouldn’t mind if it’s in England. New York opened their arms for me and my team and it was phenomenal. I have to correct what went wrong and get the job done in the rematch.”

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