Aunty Pairs the First Couples, Meet the Ultimate Love Couples

Ultimate Love Couples

After a succession of private dating sessions with Aunty, the Love Guests uncorked their top picks. The love visitors picked the best 3 people they needed to seek after everlastingly after with before getting coupled up.

Ultimate Love Couples

Perhaps the greatest stun of the night was David Wilson coupling up with Presh Talker rather than Rosie who he’d been very close and cosy with for the greater part of the week. They even shared an enthusiastic kiss. It was clear quickly that she was devasted by the disloyalty.

The 20 Love guests were paired up as Couples by Aunty. See how the love guests were paired below:

  • BOLAR: Bolanle and Arnold
  • IYKERESA: Iyke and Theresa
  • MICHERRY: Michael and Cherry
  • PRESHDAVID: Presh Talker and David Wilson
  • JELO: Jenny Koko and Louis
  • OBIEBI: Obichukwu and Ebiteinye
  • JAYKECH: Jay and Nkechi
  • JERVIA: Jerry and Slyvia
  • ROSKIE: Rosie and Kachi
  • CHRISUCH: Chris and Uche

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