“I cannot really say that I have never collected money from a yahoo boy” – Jaywon

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Unlike certain artists, who claims that they have never profited from Yahoo Boys, Nigerian music superstar Jaywon has revealed that he can’t beat his chest to state that he has never collected money from them.

The singer this known via an interview he had recently.

He said:

“No yahoo boy has ever sponsored me. I only hear that yahoo boys sponsor certain artistes and own night clubs and record labels. Perhaps, I have never been lucky in that regard.

I have been the one taking care of myself and sponsoring everything I do. But these days, one doesn’t even know who is a yahoo boy and who is not. Because of that, I cannot really say that I have never collected money from a yahoo boy or not.

There are people one feels are involved in legitimate business without knowing that they are fraudsters behind closed doors. However, it happens all over the world, and not just in Nigeria.

You have people bringing in funds but you don’t really know where they make their money from. And it’s not everybody you can ask for the source of their income. In the entertainment industry, you cannot really separate clean funds from fraud money.

As far as I’m concerned, anything that would make the industry grow is welcome. But the bottom line is that what is bad is bad. And if anybody is caught breaking the law, such person will have to face the consequences of his or her actions.”


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