Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-c has revealed that Alex had sex with Tobi.

Cee-c said this on ‘DoubleWahalaReloaded’ Friday night show with Ebuka.

According to her, Alex and Tobi deceived everyone in BBNaija that they were ‘Bestfriends’

She said: ‘Alex and Tobi deceived us with being Besties. Nina told me after the show while we were on the plane to Nigeria that Alex and Tobi had sex.”

Cee-c further added that she vowed not to talk to Tobi after he snubbed her the night of the finale.

“After Miracle was announced winner of BBNaija 2018, I was scared and anxious of the outside world.

“So I went to Tobi’s room, met Alex but Tobi refused to talk to me or let me in and since then I decided not to talk with him except on a professional level,” Cee-c said.

American-born Nigerian singer and actress, Emma Nyra in an interview she had with HFtv in 2016 confirmed that she was abused by Ubi Franklin her during her time at Made Men Music Group (MMMG).

In the interview, she revealed that she never dated Ubi Franklin.

“The whole dating thing was a rumour…. I never dated him,” she said.

When quizzed by the interviewer about allegations of abuse, Emma didn’t really say much, but said

 “as a woman, I took a lot…. It was a tough time for me.”

“There was no repercussion because I never spoke on it…. Men in this industry and in this country never receive that much of a repercussion when it comes to female abuse. I’ve never spoken on it because I don’t want to be the face of female abuse. But one day when I feel like I’m stronger inside to speak about it, I would definitely speak about it”.

Watch the interview below (She starts talking about the alleged dating from the 3.00 mark. She addressed the abuse from the 9.45 mark);

Popular Nigerian singer and DMW signee, Adewale Mayowa aka Mayorkun gifts himself a brand new Mercedes Benz worth 35 million Naira in celebration of his 25th birthday.  

The music superstar who turns 25 on Sunday, March 24 of this year took to his Instagram page to share the photographs of his new car with a caption:

About to be 25, sitting on 35 million! I might as well spoil myself a lil! Too grateful! Shouts to @606autos for doing good business! 🙏🏾😝 #TMOL

Mayorkun was seen sitting on his thirty-five million naira Benz which he bought for himself while he was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans paired with black and white sneakers.

Read Also: ‘I have photos of all the married women Iyanya has slept with’ – Ubi Franklin

The DMW signee was born in Osun state by Nollywood actress Toyin Adewale and Sunday Adewale. 

More photo below:


2018 Big Brother Naija housemates have just responded to Cee-C’s claim, that Alex and Tobi engaged in sexual relations in their lodging hotel in South Africa.

Recall that according to reports making the news that Cee-C who got an opportunity to talk on the third episode of the Big Brother Naija get-together show told Ebuka that Nina told her that Alex and Tobi had sex in the hotel room in South Africa.

According to lasts year 1st runners up Cee-C, The first she was told by Nina while they entered the pane was that ‘Alex and Tobi engaged in had sex in the hotel room ‘, and it made her snicker so uproarious in light of the fact that the pair earlier claimed they were besties in the house.

She further disclosed that she didn’t realize whether to manage the cynicism she was getting from Nigeria or the sex thing.

See some reactions from former Big Brother Naija housemates to the accusation below:


My mood right now. Ya’ll should stop DMing me, asking me why this person did this or that. Just watch till the end. One love ❤


Everything isn’t always as it seems!! —

Sometimes you have read between the lines… #princesswiththesauce #bbnaija#sexyandsassy

2018 Big brother Naija housemates, Alex has revealed why she always get uncomfortable when fellow housemates, Khloe joins her conversation with Leo while they were still in the Big Brother house.

Alex disclosed this before storming out of the Big Brother Reunion Show said that Khloe has a problem respecting people’s space and this always makes her uncomfortable whenever Khloe joins her conversation with Leo.

She also stated whenever she tells Khloe she doesn’t need her around, Khloe at that times will get offset with her the next day and she didn’t like the fact that Khloe was always trying to fix her conflicts.

She went on to advice Khloe.

Here are the videos below;

PART 1 #Alex is speaking about her relationship with #Leo and how she gets uncomfortable when #Khloe comes to join their conversations uninvited. Khloe had earlier said she knew Leo as a “smart” man and that he was “using” Alex. Follow @bbnaija_updates19 for more updates ✔️

French National team coach, Didier Deschamps he revealed that his fellow compatriot Zinedine Zidane, who was recently hired back as Real Madrid coach will eventually coach the National team.

Zidane was president Andrea Agnelli’s first decision for the post-Allegri period at Juventus, however, at last, the Frenchman acknowledged the idea to come back to Real Madrid. His future, as indicated by Deschamps, will be with the National team and not with the Bianconeri.

while addressing newsmen, Deschamps said:
“Sooner or later, Zidane will occupy my spot on the bench. I don’t know when it will happen but it seems to be that it’s something we can take for granted, as with me. However, I don’t think it’s a matter that concerns him as of now,”

It stays to be seen who will supplant Allegri at Juventus, as the manager appears to be bound to leave the Turin side toward the end of the season with or without the Champions League trophy.

The beef between Iyanya and Ubi Franklin has finally gotten to another level as the  CEO of Made Men Music Group record label claiming that he has the list of all the married women Iyanya has slept with.

He disclosed this during an interview with TheNative Magazine

Ubi Franklin additionally talked about the claims he is at present facing of him ‘whipping’ Emma Nyra when she was signed to his label and the Non-divulgence understanding they signed that restricts her from talking else she’ll hazard paying him 10million naira.

Read the entire interview below:

What Happened With Emma Nyra?

We didn’t agree. You see, Emma Nyra’s situation, I cannot say much about it because I am binded by contract not to say anything about our situation. I am not going to say anything about it. Because if I say anything about it, I have a legal suit that I’m going to pay 10 million naira. So, I’m not going to say anything about Emma Nyra. If she does, I’d have to collect 10 million because me and Emma Nyra don’t really have any problem. Even when she had the twins, we spoke. I even sent her a message. So, we don’t have problems. These problems are problems Iyanya is trying to create to hype himself up.

Tell Me What You Know About What Transpired Between Iyanya And Temple Music?

Yeah, it was a one-on-one conversation we had at his house. He showed me a heated WhatsApp chat with the owner of Temple, them. That’s why I was able to believe he was having problems with Temple. When he wanted to leave Temple, I told him, ‘Don’t leave Temple the way you left Made Men’. Which is, relieve yourself, settle everything and go. I said, ‘The fact that you want to leave Temple doesn’t mean that you should fight them. It would now become constant. It can’t be like it’s the same thing you do everywhere you go. People would come and be putting some rubbish things around it.

People you collected money from to pay your house rent when your landlady chased you out. They gave you a car. You were stuck in America they paid for you. Have you spoken to Temple? Ask Iyanya if he told me that he had issues with Temple and he needed to clear up his contract with N60 million. Ask him if he told me that.

N60 Million, To Exit His Contract?

Yes. And I told him I was going to raise the money. Before I raised that money I spoke him. It took me 24 hours or less to raise that money. When I raised that money I started calling him, he was not picking up his phone so I just left it. So for me, you see all these things Iyanya is saying ehn, when I look at it I just laugh. Because I have everything to prove. I have everything to show. If this is what Iyanya is going to do after all my hard work. Now, you know what? People would comment and say ‘This Ubi guy, Ubi is like this, Ubi is like that’. You know why they’d say that?


All artist managers are hated. You know why? We do the dirty job. So I don’t expect anybody to like me. When we leave these artists and go that’s when you start seeing who these artists are directly and you start to see who they are. Please, what did he say about Emma Nyra?

That You Had Problems In Your Relationship And You Physically Assaulted Her Repeatedly.. 

Have you asked Iyanya what happened between him and Yvonne Nelson?

Was Iyanya Physically Abusing Yvonne Nelson? 

(Laughs) It’s, not my mouth you’d hear that thing from. I promised not to say anything or put Iyanya out.

He Said He Saw You Beating Emma Nyra?


Did He Advise Her To Leave You?

Bro see, Iyanya is a big liar. He has been saying it for many years that he is going to use Emma Nyra against me. You understand? I did every work for Emma to make sure. I’m not going to speak about Emma Nyra unless she talks. We have a contract binding us not to say anything. Why didn’t he say on his interview that I beat up Emma Nyra?

He Did Say That…

Bro, I’d advise you not to. Because I would put out all the married women he slept with. Their pictures side by side for me. Bro I don’t want to talk. Because if you allow me to do that to him, I’d drag him through the whole of this country. I’m not scared of shit. What I want about this matter is for people to see clarity.  If Emma Nyra has issues she would come and say it herself. Emma Nyra is a mother now. I think her focus is different. And she even wouldn’t want to be involved in all this. I wish Iyanya was a father. If he was a father, most of these things he is saying he would not do it. When I kept watching his interviews I kept laughing. Bro, don’t let me do this to this to this guy. If you’re writing your story, take out the Emma Nyra situation because if you’re writing about something like that, Emma Nyra needs to speak for herself and with the way I and Emma Nyra are tight, we cannot speak about each other. We had our whole issues and the issues were settled and I have a legal document to back it. So for me, leave her out of this and focus on something else. Write your post. See, I never really wanted to get to this point bro. For everything that happens, there are two sides to the story.

Do You Think You Treated Everyone Fairly?

I treated everybody fair. I’m not perfect bro. See, there’s nobody even you talking to me right now that would say they don’t have issues with people. Check the whole entertainment industry. Am I the first person that an artist is leaving my record label or an artist is having issues with me? I’m not the first now. When did artists start leaving record labels? Exactly, let’s be very diplomatic about this thing. Did they say that I had their money, I ate it and I didn’t give them?

It Was Just About You Not Treating Them Right That They Had Expectations And Those Expectations Were Not Met.

Okay, what expectations?

A More Hands-On Promotion And Marketing Perhaps? 

Can I ask you a question? Iyanya says he was a partner and he was investing so why are they not blaming that on Iyanya? Exactly. Why is it that it is Ubi they are blaming it on? Why is it that they are all coming together to fight? Do you understand where this thing is going? You said you are a partner abi? You were investing. So why are they not fighting you? Is it that you gave me money to push your music and I didn’t do it? So you see the twist? Now, If they say that the label is not treating them right who is the label? Ubi, Iyanya. Why are they not fighting Iyanya?

Maybe He Has Done Nothing To Warrant That?

All these people talking, how much did they make me? Chibbz, how much did we make from him? The only person that can talk and I would respond to the person is only Iyanya and Baci. I know Selebobo would not say anything to you because for a fact he doesn’t have anything to say to you.

What Role Did You Play In The Tensions Between Iyanya And Tekno?

He (Iyanya) says Tekno is rude and ill-mannered. The issue between me and Iyanya that made me and Iyanya break up finally was that I hired a driver for Iyanya. Iyanya and the driver fought and he fired the driver. And Tekno hired the driver. Tekno was living on his own. So one day I now went to meet Iyanya that just in case you come to Nigeria before me, what I just heard is that Ken your former driver now works for Tekno. Tekno, on the other hand, said he saw this guy on the road, he had a baby at home and he decided to hire him. And he asked him what happened between you and Iyanya, and the guy explained his side. So he was like let me just hire the guy because the person you know is better than the person you don’t know. And the guy worked with Tekno for a very long time.

So Iyanya started accusing me, of using Tekno to disrespect him. That how would I know that Tekno is about to hire his own driver that he sacked and I allowed that happen? That’s how he turned and said he wants to leave the record label. Every time issues happen he says that I am the one not making them, Tekno, to respect him. I’m like bro, Tekno is a man of his own. Everybody, they are men. And I don’t think any of these guys disrespect you, they respect you. From Selebobo they respect you. They call him “Baba.” They don’t call him by name. Do you understand? They call him Baba. They don’t call him by name. Ask him what happened between him and Tekno and what happened between him and the driver Tekno hired? Do you understand?

Already, everything he said is a lie. A lot of the things he said are lies. So, there is a legal document that is going to be sent to him soon for him to retract everything he has said because he is lying. Whatever I tell you I have proof. You see the story I told you about these women? I have proof of it and I warned him. I said ‘Listen, I’m going to spoil your career, let it go’. Do you understand? I’m going to let it go. Now he is the one going to tell you that I beat up Emma Nyra.

Nollywood actress and producer, Omoni Oboli has taken to her Instagram to announced to her fans that Nigerian former minister for finance, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala endorsed her upcoming movie WINGS OF A DOVE.

This is coming after the former minister had a  private screening of the movie. According to the actress and mother of 3, Ngozi Okonjo has always believed in her and her work right from my very first film she producer.

In her Instagram post, The actress thanked the minister for her endorsement.

Read her Instagram post below:

Guess who got a private screening and endorsed our movie WINGS OF A DOVE? Yup! Our very own Mrs Ngozi Okonjo Iweala. I can’t say thank you enough. Aunty Ngozi has always believed in me and my work right from my very first film.

I had an opportunity to do some work for her in the past. I had the option of eating most of the money and just doing business as usual but I decided to go over and beyond to deliver a world-class production. She was wowed and has been firmly in my corner since then.

Your work will speak for you so make sure your work is the best you can do!
I can’t tell you what her endorsement of this project means. Thanks @audumaikorifor your role as adviser and project manager. Couldn’t do it without you!

This is for you out there… Do you think I don’t have fears? I do…
Do you think I don’t hear the negative voices? I do…

Sometimes those voices are in my head!
But I have since learnt to find a way to silence those voices and tell myself ‘Omoni you can do it!’

So I’m here to challenge you…it might seem hard, you might feel like giving up…I know I do sometimes but pick yourself up, dust yourself off, pat yourself on the back and keep it going!

One day, something will click.
Dear Lord, help me to remain positive and strong through it all. As you are doing for Omoni, do my own too in Jesus name 🙏🏾😇

Nigerian Upcoming singer, Bad Boy JP, has taken to his Instagram page to call out Wizkid, Teni and producer NorthBoiTheOracle over their alleged plans to a released song with the beat earlier produced for him by the same producer.

According to Bad Boy JP,  Wizkid and Teni are about to release a song that he had put in massive work in the studio to creatively compose with his the producer, NorthBoiTheOracle.

This comes after Wizkid released the song snippet yesterday. He also released the music video, Machala which Wizkid and Teni is about to release for people to believe he actually owns the song

He wrote:

Pls people one of my favorite music idol @wizkidayo & the talented @tenientertainer are about to release a song that I cracked my head & put in massive work in the studio to creatively compose with my then producer @northboitheoracle who was hired and paid fully by my label @ubrecordsltd as our in house producer.

This song in question is one of the many songs that our then in house producer @northboitheoracle produced for me and yet he went contrary to his agreement with my label to send both the beat and my vocals to @wizkidayo which inspired our superstar to collaborate with @tenientertainer and is even about to drop the song, which I plan to release after my next single featuring Wande Coal which is about to drop next week 😢😢😢😢
Pls I know @wizkidayo is a giant with millions of fans, but pls I need Everyone to help me beg @northboitheoracle@wizkidayo & @tenientertainer not to go ahead and do me wrong like this, @wizkidayo has given us so many hits in the past and so I believe he can still creatively think up a song & beat he can own 100%. As you all can see am coming out less than 24hrs he dropped the snippet on his IG Live video without waiting for him to drop the full song so that his fans won’t accuse me of being the one that copied our LEGEND. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

However, some of his fans have reacted to this. See some of their comments below:


Oga drop the song and copyright am straight up so that when them drop am you go sue them


Sue d bastard producer don’t just bother ursef with this ish……. next time he won’t do it to someone else. U will get compensated in full. But if wizkid goes ahead to drop d tune then u sue him too. Davido was sued once open a time for dropping gobe tune @officialbadboyjp


@instablog9ja come and see oooo


You’re mumu Na 100/100


@boyz_olorun Nothing but the truth 👍

Lol the only similarity here is the beat.


@uncle___scar My man nothing concern wizzy or Teni for this one, producer send beat give am, wizzy muther am, so not is fault

Manchester United Midfielder, Paul Pogba has revealed that playing for Real Madrid under Zidane will be a dream for anyone including himself. dream club for every player” but says he is happy at Manchester United.

He made this known during a press conference ahead of France’s match with Moldova. According to Paul Pogba playing for the Spanish giant under returning coach, Zinedine Zidane would be a “dream for anyone”.

He said:

“​Like I’ve always said, Real Madrid is a dream for anyone. It’s one of the biggest clubs in the world. There is also [Zinedine] Zidane as a coach and it’s a dream for anybody who likes football. For now, I’m at Manchester. We don’t know what the future holds. I’m at Manchester and I’m happy.”

Zidane returned to the Bernabeu as manager earlier this month, replacing Santiago Solari.

The 26 old midfielder praised Manchester United’s caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and says he has a “great relationship with him”.

“At the moment I’m happy in Manchester. I play. There’s a new coach,” he said.


 Nigerian legendary singer, 2baba aka 2face who was at the Obafemi Awolowo UniversityIle Ife to receive an award from the Department of Music of the university visited the Ooni of Ife at his palace yesterday.

2face and his wife Annie Idibia was received by the Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi at his palace yesterday and he sang his hit song “Brother” to the delight of the people in the palace.

The Ooni took to his Official Instagram page to share a video from 2face and his wife visit to his palace.

He wrote:

A great pleasure receiving TuFace, the peace ambassador to the throne of Oduduwa and his adorable wifey, Annie Idibia. 

I thank God for your giant strides in life so far, especially the fellowship award given to Tuface by the department of Music from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU); Congratulations!!!
You are now also TuBobo; Annie, please don’t get angry about the new name I just gave your husband, it is because he looks much younger every passing day… I bid you greater successes in life.
#OoniofIfe #Otisese

Watch the video below:


2018 Big Brother Housemates, Teddy A has finally disclosed that He never liked the fact that fellow housemates and girlfriend BamBam acts like a church girl.

The fast-rising singer and actor made this known during the Big Brother Naija Reunion.  He furthermore stated that they’ve gotten to know their differences and now respect each other.

He said:

“at first i never really liked the fact that bam, acts like a church girl ut we’ve come to understand each other’s differences and respect it and we genuinely love each other”

Meanwhile, the singer who is currently on a video set took to share a video from the production below:


View this post on Instagram


Freddie!!! #COLD produced by @waleilebiyi coming soon! 🎬 #Actor #SetLife

A post shared by TEDDY-A #ALPHA (@iamteddya) on

The title of the movie is COLD and it is produced by Wale Ilebiyi.

He wrote:

Freddie!!! #COLD produced by @waleilebiyi coming soon! 🎬 #Actor#SetLife


Nollywood actress and proud mother, Omoni Oboli have taken to her Instagram page to share a beautiful photo of herself and her three sons.

According to the veteran actress, being a mom is everything.She wrote:

I have EVERYTHING ❤️❤️❤️Being a mom is without a doubt the best thing that ever happened to me 😍😍😍 #Love #Family #Sons #Blessed @gozioboli@tobeoboli @chizioboli 😇

Meanwhile, some hers fans reacted to the photograph. See their comment below:


Too much cuteness in one blood🔥🔥😍😍God bless dem for u ma’am🙏


@omonioboli . ma’am you actually look like their sibling. 😀😀
Having a daughter will be God fulfillment in your life…Shalom..


I see me! You are blessed! Blessed are you all. 😇😇😇😇😇


Congratulations Omoni. Especially when the kids are all boys
Nollywood Actor and former employee to Tonto Dikeh at her foundation, Davids Fagbuyiro has taken to his Instagram page to call out the actress for threatening him and his family.

He shared a screenshot of the threat message he got from the superstar actress.

He wrote:

I believe u are evil and dangerous too to have crafted a message as dangerous as this…u have never spoken to me even though u have my number on this same issue for the past two years of not working with u again.
U might think u have all the connection but I won’t be calm with a message as destructive about me and my children, no never. The above screenshot is a threat message received from Mrs Tonto Dikeh of the Tonto Dikeh foundation through her management.
I think I should be the best to talk on her manipulation and the crafty ways she uses to indite people and use her connection on Innocents.
U have used same on me by arresting me with SARS even though u confirmed I never stole anything from you, it amazed me to hear u when the police asked why u have to arrest a man as noble as this… All u can say is ” I just want to show u that I am more connected than me In this country”, even the above message speaks volume of this.
You are only doing this because u know I am a calm personality. This time I am not gonna be calm, the whole world knows u ve ur own child and I know how u guard him jealously. I am. Sure u will never be calm with a half of a message of this magnitude.

On the foundation account I have signed same document twice and was reject by the bank cos u and ur management failed to do the right thing, My name was spelt wrongly twice and your signature were irregular. All these faults were not from me but from u and ur team.
Now after 2years u are coming with this damaging threats even as a fake humanitarian that u call ur self.
Your arrogance, jealousy and disrespect for human sucks.
I am just here to tell the world that if anything happen to me and any of my children the world must hold u responsible.

@instablog @instablog9ja @naijagist@nigeriasenate @nigeriapolice @nairaland@alexreporthi

Reacting to his Instagram post, Tonto responded by saying:

 ‘a worthless man will always be a worthless man’.