The Osun State Gubernatorial Election Petition Tribunal sitting in Abuja has overturned the declaration of Gboyega Oyatola as governor.

It has declared Senator Ademola Adeleke of the Peoples Democratic Party as the winner of the election and ordered INEC to issue him a certificate of return.

It held that the All Progressives Congress and its candidate, Gboyega Oyetola, were not validly returned.

Davido who was full of joy took both his Twitter and Instagram page to share the good news with his fans.

He wrote:


In another post He wrote:

God no dey sleep!!! MANDATE RETURNED!!! IMOLE TI DE !! OSUN IM ON MY WAY!! 😝😝😝😝😝😝🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Meanwhile some Nigerian has taken to Twitter to congratulates Davido’s Uncle Senator Ademola Adeleke on his flawless victory.

See some of their post below:

Recall earlier today that Ifeoma Okeagbue An official of the Standard Chartered Bank released the details of the balances of Nigeria suspended Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Onnoghen 5 different accounts to the Code of Conduct Tribunal.

Here are the details of suspended CJN, Walter Onnoghen 5 different accounts  below:

“On the account 5001062686, the opening balance in January 2018 was €30,178.58.

As at December 2018, the balance was €10,187.18.

On account 5001062693, at January 2018, it was with opening balance of N6,411,312.77. At December 2018, the balance was N12,852,580.52

“On account 5001062679, the opening balance as at January 2018 was £39,456.08 and by December 2018 the balance was £13,730.70.

“On account 0001062667, the opening balance as at January 2018 was N24,280,904 and as at December 2018, the balance was N2,656,019.21.

“On account 0001062650, as of January 2018, the opening balance was $80,824.25, and by January 2019, the balance was $56,878.”

However, some Nigerian have taken to their Twtter accounts to reacts to this latest development.

See their comments below:



2019 presidential candidate for the Alliance for New Nigeria,   Fela DUROTOYE‏ has joined the host of top Nigerian celebrities to reacts to the recent  Lagos building collapse which at the time of this reports have claimed the lives of over 9 people.

Recall that a  three-story building located at Ita Faji area of Lagos Island collapsed today at about around 10 am. According to reports, the building which is said to be about 30 years old had a primary school on the last floor.

According to one Prince Adams who happens to be a resident of the area told newsmen that about 10 pupils of the primary school had been rescued from the building.

However, a few hours ago Fela DUROTOYE took to his official Twitter page to react to the incident. According to the ANN presidential candidate, he can’t begin to imagine how the families of the 9 children will be feeling right now. 

Read his Tweet below:

however, some well-wishing Nigerian also took to their Twitter page to ask the good people of this country to help the victims any way they can.



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate and former Nigeria vice president, Atiku Abubakar has described the presidential election which was held last weekend as the worst to be ever held in Nigeria in the course of 30 years.

Atiku who rejected the results released by INEC yesterday took to his official Twitter page to make this revelation.

See his Tweet below:

Consequently, I hereby reject the result of the February 23, 2019 sham election and will be challenging it in court.

— Atiku Abubakar (@atiku) February 27, 2019

Veteran Nigerian Comedian, I Go Dye has taken to his Instagram page to join the rest of top Nigerian celebrities to reacts to President Muhammed Buhari winning the 2019 presidential election which was held last week Saturday.

According to I go Dye, President Buhari will be the last old aged recycled president that will rule Nigeria. He congratulated the president and also advice Mr President to use the opportunity given to him by Nigerian to rebuild the Nation.

Read his Instagram post below:



Congratulations on your victory.Nature has given you another opportunity to rebuild Nigeria,a means to discover the next generation leaders.

Please do find it a rare privilege to advance the course of youthful leadership,by looking for Nigerian youths all over the world that can add their creativity to advance your administration…

you will be the last old aged president that will rule Nigeria , once again
congratulations. Amb Francis Agoda

Meanwhile, Read some of I go Dye’s follower’s comment on his post below:


@igodye_ you keep mentioning that NATURE has brought buhari to power again… is it nature that took its course when the people in okota were not allowed to vote…

when votes and ballot boxes ? were burnt by hoodlums, when the vote from the heart of Nigeria where insurgency is at it peak is questionable, nature took its course in videos where people were manually thumb printing for APC.::

I go die one day you go die and according to the holy book If it’s real just as we were taught in religious studies, you go stand before God one day collect judgement…

you Dey chop the life of other youth join your own Dey so UN ENVOY… no worry we go suffer the sufferness again for the next four years… foolish set of selfish people

aboki_boy do you know how long I’ve been hearing that? Do you know the number of people that didn’t vote or were not allowed to vote?

We de youths are stubborn, na we them still de manipulate do as them like still yet we nor wan get sense?let him congratulate someone in peace jor instead of telling us what we know!


@aboki_boyI do not think Nigeria youths are confused rather my lesson from this election also shows that the era of God fathers deciding what happen in our electoral process is fading away and the will of the people in picking who lead them is beginning to take its place…

@aboki_boy You can be the change we need in Nigeria, nothing last forever that I know not even life, Buhari will be the last old recycled foolish politician Nigeria will have God knows


President  Muhammadu Buhari of the All Progressive Congress has been declared the winner of the 2019 presidential election which was held on the 23rd of February having won 19 of the 36 states in the federation with a total of 15,191,847.

Former vice president and the PDP presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar came second with a total of 11,262,978 with 17 states.

Having satisfied the requirement of the law and scored the highest number of votes, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) chairman. Professor Mahmood Yakubu declared president Buhari the winner of the elections.

Read INEC official Tweet below:

Meanwhile here are the results of APC and PDP for the presidential election in the 36 states of Nigeria  below:

Osun State

APC: 347,634

PDP: 337,377

Ekiti State

APC: 219,231

PDP: 154,032

FCT Abuja

APC: 152,224

PDP: 259,997

Kwara State

APC: 308,984

PDP: 138,184

Nasarawa State

APC: 289,903

PDP: 283,847

 Kogi state

 APC: 285,894

PDP: 218,207

Gombe state

APC: 402,961

PDP: 138,484

Ondo state



Abia State

APC: 85,058

PDP: 219,698 

Yobe state

 APC: 497,914

PDP: 50,763

 Enugu State

APC: 54,423

PDP: 355,553

Ebonyi state

APC: 90,726

PDP: 258,573

Niger State

 APC: 612,371

PDP: 218,052

 Jigawa State

APC: 794,738

PDP: 289,895

Kaduna State

APC: 993,445

PDP: 649,612

Anambra State

APC: 33,298

PDP: 524,738 

Oyo State

APC: 365,229

PDP: 366,690

APC: 378,078

PDP: 410,266

Ogun state

APC: 281,762

PDP: 194,655

Lagos State

APC: 580,825

PDP: 448,015

Bauchi State

APC: 798,428

PDP: 209,313

 Edo State

APC: 267,842

PDP: 275,691

Benue State

APC: 347,668

PDP: 356,817 

Imo state

APC: 140,463

PDP: 334,923 

Plateau State



Kano State


PDP: 391,593

Katsina State

APC: 1,232,133

PDP: 308,056

Taraba State

APC: 324,906


Cross River State

APC: 117,302

PDP: 295,737

Akwa Ibom State



Delta State

APC: 221,292

PDP: 594,068

Borno State

APC: 836,496

PDP: 71,788

Rivers State

APC: 150,710

PDP: 473,971 

Zamfara State

APC: 438,682

PDP: 125,423

Kebbi state

APC: 581,552

PDP: 154,282


President Mohammed Buhari through his Personal Assistant on New Media, Bashir Ahmad has urged Nigerian not to be afraid of the rumours and unrest about the forthcoming elections.

According to the president, the Nigeria security agencies are working very hard to ensure that there is adequate security on the election day. He also asked Nigerian with voting cards to go out and vote tomorrow.

Read his Twitter post below:

Meanwhile, Read the full text of president Buhari nationwide broadcast today  below:

Dear Nigerians,

Finally, we have reached the eve of the rescheduled first round of this year’s general elections.

2. Tomorrow, the polls open. Tomorrow, we affirm that Nigeria stands as a democracy and that no worldly hand can deter us from this wise and fitting path we have chosen for ourselves.

3. While democracy is the most beneficial way to select a nation’s leaders, it is far from the easiest thing to achieve and maintain.

4. It requires a combination of patience, tolerance, compassion, diligence, wisdom and hope. These traits exist in us the Nigerian people. Because of who we are, democracy has the chance to flourish in this land.

5. Thus, I commend all of you for your patience and peaceful conduct so far during this electoral season and especially during this intervening week following the postponement of the February 16 elections.

6. Many were worried and thought the worst might happen. You proved them wrong by showing that you are a great people with an abiding love for peace, democracy and the unity of our country.

7. According to the daily INEC public briefings given this week, the Electoral Commission says it is ready and fully prepared to conduct the election in a free, fair and transparent manner.

8. I believe INEC realises the profound and weighty duty that rests upon it.

9. We must cast aside doubt and have faith that INEC will rise to the occasion. We must believe and encourage INEC to fulfill and honour this responsibility it owes to our country.

10. As your President, I hereby ask all Nigerians with voting cards to participate in defining the future of our nation by exercising your democratic rights tomorrow. I urge you to go out and vote.

11. I say this because elections are the cornerstone of representative governance. And voting constitutes the highest and best expression of the sovereign will of the people to choose the government that best represents them.

12. It is only upon the freely expressed will of the people that government truly dedicated to the welfare, rights and interests of the people can be founded.

13. Do not allow anyone to discourage you from the exercise of your rights as citizens and voters tomorrow.

14. To vote means that you believe in Nigeria and the excellent things the future holds for this nation and its people.

15. No matter our political leanings, we all believe in Nigeria, in the noble principles for which it stands and in the values we strive for our beloved nation to uphold.

16. All who are able, must vote so that we may better perfect this democracy and continue to build the greater nation we seek.

17. Do not be afraid of rumours of violence and unrest. Our security agencies have worked diligently to ensure that adequate security measures are in place.

18. You will be able to vote in an atmosphere of openness and peace, devoid of fear from threat or intimidation.

19. International and domestic monitors and observers are assured of their safety and freedom of movement needed to perform their important functions.

20. As we thank domestic monitors and observers for their contributions to our democracy, we also thank the international groups for the friendship and concern they have demonstrated to our nation.

21. We appreciate their efforts in encouraging us to further entrench and strengthen our democracy.

22. Tomorrow is an encounter with history in which you, the people, shall affirm your collective belief in our national greatness and in our future.

23. I ask that you embrace and hold on to the importance of the moment soon to be upon us.

24. Honour your civic duty as voters by going to the polls tomorrow to vote for the government of your choice, for the government that will lead Nigeria toward its finest destiny.

25. As citizens there is no greater duty than this and no greater honour. Tomorrow, I know you will once again make Nigeria proud of its people.

May God bless our democracy and forever bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


President Mohammed Buhari will be addressing the nation in a nationwide broadcast today Friday the 22nd of February by 7 am in the morning.

The president made this announcement via his special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adesina.

However, in a statement signed by Mr Femi in Abuja earlier today, He asked all television and radio stations to hook up to the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority and Radio Nigeria for the broadcast.

Read his statement below:

‘all television, radio stations and other electronic media outlets are enjoined to hook up to the network services of the Nigerian Television Authority and Radio Nigeria for the broadcast’.

Meanwhile, Nigerian author and lawyer, Reno Omokri have called out the president Buhari cabal and INEC on Twitter for planning to Staggered the elections.
According to him, the two parties involves knows that they can not win the presidential elections scheduled to hold on the 23rd of February and their plans now to staggered the election. He also asked Nigerian to prepare to resist peacefully.
He Tweeted:


Former Nigerian Vice President and  People’s Democratic Party presidential candidates for the forthcoming general presidential election, Atiku Abubakar through a Tweet on his official Twitter handle has revealed that he will be making a broadcast on Twitter and Facebook tomorrow by 9 am.

He Tweeted

I will be making a broadcast on Twitter and Facebook at 9am tomorrow. Tune in.

In another, Atiku who was Kaduna today with wards, local governments and state party leaders for a Hall meeting also Tweeted that he shared his plans with the stakeholders at the meeting and how he plans to sell NNPC to boost the supply of crude oil products in Nigeria just as Former president Obasanjo sold NITEL.



Well wishing Nigerian have taken to their respective Twitter account to reacts to the die minutes postponement of the 2019 general elections by INEC.

Many Nigerian Twitter blasted the Independent National Electoral Commission for postponing the general elections adding that the commission had of 4 years to prepare for today.

Read some of their comment below:






Atiku Abubakar the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party has released an official statement reacting to INEC decision of postponing the 2019 general elections.

According to him, President Muhammadu Buhari and INEC should be blamed for failing to utilise the time it had to organise the 019 elections. He also related the actions of INEC to the Biblical hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob.

Read the official statement below;

“As you know, the Independent National Electoral Commission has announced a postponement of the elections until 23 February and 9 March respectively.

“The Buhari administration has had more than enough time and money to prepare for these elections and the Nigerian people were poised and ready to perform their civic responsibility by voting in the elections earlier scheduled for Saturday, 16 February, 2019.

“This postponement is obviously a case of the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob. By instigating this postponement, the Buhari administration hopes to disenfranchise the Nigerian electorate in order to ensure that turn out is low on the rescheduled date. Nigerians must frustrate their plans by coming out in even greater numbers on Saturday, 23 February and Saturday, 9 March respectively.

“Knowing that the Nigerian people are determined to reject them, they are desperate and will do anything in their power to avoid their rejection by the Nigerian people.

“Their plan is to provoke the public, hoping for a negative reaction, and then use that as an excuse for further anti-democratic acts.

“As such, I call on all Nigerians to be patient. We have tolerated the maladministration of this government for four years. We can extend our tolerance a few more days and give them our verdict via our votes.”

Nigerian singer and DMW Boss, Davido has mocked president Buhari after his press broadcast on Instagram.

President Buhari who recently had a Nationwide press broadcast in which he addressed the nation on the achievement of his Administration and things he will continue to do when elected for a second term has been mocked by Davido on Instagram.

The music legend took to his Instagram page to share a photograph of himself watching Buhari on TV with a caption:

I hail o

Meanwhile, Reacting to President Buhari Nationwide press broadcast, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar who happened to be the PDP Presidential candidates in for the forthcoming general election scheduled to on Saturday the 16th of February 2019 has disclosed that president Buhari broadcast was a farewell message to the good people of Nigeria.

Atiku released an official statement through his special assistant on publication, Phrank Shaibu stated that:

“We see President Muhammadu Buhari’s attack on the opposition in his nationwide broadcast, Thursday night, as part of the many gaffes which have come to define last days of  the Buhari Presidency, rather than an address to be taken seriously by Nigerians.”

“because he is not just presiding over any country, but one with the largest black nation on earth, which bestows a lot of responsibility on him.”

“If the President is not telling Nigerians that he was sworn in as president in 2005, he is mistaking Ondo Central Senatorial District for Edo Central Senatorial District or surrendering his ticket to Mr. Great Ogboru whom he mistakenly referred to as the Presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) while on campaign tour of the state.

“These gaffes and the latest negative comments against opposition elements in his nationwide broadcast are not the attributes of a leader who should be re-elected for another term of office,”

“Even when he is voted out of office come Saturday, February 16, 2019, President Muhammadu Buhari must learn to rise above certain issues and do things that will enhance the respect the citizenry have for the office of the President, rather than rushing to exhibit soap-box mentality when the occasion does not call for it.”

”As for which party will better serve the people,  we leave that judgment to Nigerians who will decide on 16th February, instead of a highly-partisan and easily excitable President Buhari,”

“the Nigerian public is already giving its reaction on General Buhari’s less than Presidential address to the nation this evening.”

“A review of comments on Buhari’s Facebook Page to the broadcast shows that he should call in the removals-van as people can’t wait for him to leave Aso Rock.  When you compare these to the comments on HE Atiku’s page to his Facebook Live broadcast this morning, the contrast could not be greater.  The final verdict is in the hands and fingers of the millions of voters this Saturday.

“As our candidate HE Atiku said in his final message of the campaign ‘Even if you are not voting for me, still come out to vote on Saturday. It is about Nigeria, not Atiku Abubakar. It is about you and your future.’”

“So, we appeal to every eligible voter to express their will and  contribute to our democracy,” as reported by Vanguard




Well, wishing Nigerians have taken to their respectively Twitter account to celebrate the PDP presidential candidates, Atiku  Abubakar today being valentine’s day.

Many of them refer to him as Nigeria’s new president calling him their Val with others promising to vote for him in the forthcoming general election.

See some of their comment below;





Nigerian on Twitter has reacted to SDP  Expelling Jerry Gana and Suspending Mr Donald Duke, from the party for alleged anti-party activities. The party’s Director of Media and Publicity, Yemi Akinbode, announced this during a press briefing at the party’s secretariat in Abuja on Tuesday, February 12th.

Channels tv correspondent, SeunOkin tweeted;

crisis cascades as suspension and counter suspension dominate. Party spokesperson announces the suspension of its candidate Donald Duke and expels Professor Jerry Gana and Supo Shonibare after he was said to have taken over from Prof Adeniran