COZA Pastor Sex scandal : Ese Walter reacts

The Nigerian lady, Ese Walter, who accused founder of the Commowealth Zion Assembly, Biodun Fatoyinbo of sexually assaulting her in 2013, has responded to the current sex scandal surrounding the minister.

In her response, she asked Nigerians not to drag her into the new scandal involving the minister as she has recuperated and moved on with her life.

Read her post on Facebook below:

Allow me reintroduce myself…

My name is Ese Walter. FIRST of her name. I am an author (and all round writer), self taught yogi (currently about a yoga teacher’s training so I can teach you safely) and mother (Boobbabies is the nick name for my children, Boobman and Boobgirl)

What you have just read above is what I am consistently creating for myself in this moment. I am currently on a 90 days, habit building, ACTION plan to become the highest expression of myself in these roles I play.

I am not your poster girl for any trending stories, I am not a victim of anything (although I played this victim role for years until 35 hit ) and finally, I am not open to your discussions about my past. If you choose to live there, be my guest, just quit your attempts to pull me along with ya  The tongue photo is actually for you

Lastly, if you have not healed from your pain, hurting others will not heal you. Trust, I know. Plus, your pain is here to teach you. It is here to bring out the fire in you. It is that fire that propels you in the direction of your dreams (I am assuming you have dreams…if you don’t, ain’t no shame, sit with yourself and build one)

This sounds like a new month Motivation

Good morning from here

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