How to Make 96,000 a Day Through Leveraging Business

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Dear Friend,

Would You Like To Earn Money While You Are Asleep & Even While You Are On Vacation?

My name is OCHEME, James Innocent and I am a Civil Engineer, a Blogger and I also represent Secure Your Future Crusaders NGO in Nigeria.

I had lived the past 5 years of my life in the dungeon of financial crumble until I found the Gold mine I want to show you. Indeed, there is light at the end of the Tunnel.

I know you might be saying in your mind: “I already have enough money, what do I need this idea for now?”

Yes, you might have made so much money, but what I am sharing with you today is an opportunity to buy off the responsibilities of all those looking up to you for financial help.

Furthermore, we all spend money daily: On food, transportation, clothing, family welfare and many more. Now, the question is: Do you make much money than your daily responsibilities and needs?

I bet that your answer is NO! This is because we probably have just 1 means of income. How would you feel waking up to daily bank credit alerts from your daily business efforts?

7 Strong Reasons You Should Give This Idea a Trial & See the Positive Results That Will Come from It Once You Set Your Mind to Make Money from It!



How would you feel if you have a system that makes money for you even while you sleep and when you are on vacation?

How would you feel if you can set up the same business for your family members who are in need of money and make them enjoy the financial freedom that comes from this business idea?

This is a business that lets you use the power of leverage in making money from the ever-growing population of people by providing a solution to their problem.

  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI): Get back the money you invested with a passive income, depending on how much your dream financial target is monthly.
  • Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme: This is not a magical way of making money, but working smart and getting fast results by applying simple wisdom in leveraging.
  • Low Operating Cost: No office setup needed, all that is needed is you and your readiness to work and make the money.
  • Earning Through The Power Of Leveraging: Make little money from an unlimited list of millions of people around the world, which turns out to be a massive income daily.
  • Free Business Training: Free business trainings from us to you until you understand the business properly and can then replicate the procedures by making the money.
  • Anyone Can Do It: You don’t need any special skill, degree nor prior knowledge to get started, all that is needed is your willingness to make the money out of it.
  • One Time, Life Time Investment: No monthly quota, no tenement & your kids can inherit the business from you whenever you wish to transfer it to them.

This is one area most people have a great delay. We all want the good things of life, but when you show an amazing opportunity to someone that will change their life and that of their family and friends, they rather see difficulty and problems around it.
Instead of seeing possibilities and fortune from it. As long as we keep doing the same thing and living the same kind of lifestyle we have had in the past few years, we will continually get the same kind of old results.

If we need newer results, we will have to change our listening pattern, mindset and modality of thinking.

Your Type Of Income Determines How Soon You Will Attain Financial Freedom If At All You Will!

Below is an example of the difference between A Connected Economy & An Industrial Economy.

Now, look carefully at the comparison in the 3 images above. Did You Notice That All The People Operating In The Connected Economy Are Younger But RICHER Than The People Operating In The Industrial Economy?
“Leverage” is the Ability to Do More With Less. Leverage makes residual income possible.

Leverage is when you successfully balance your time and your efforts into yielding you a residual income.

So this brings me down to presenting you the same system that I found in Alliance In Motion Global, that turns ordinary people into Extra-Ordinary Millionaires.

A company that has been in existence since 14 years ago globally and 8 years in Nigeria.

The company is currently operational in 35 countries across the world, including Europe, Asia & Africa. Alliance in Motion Global is focused on teaching people a system that generates them income without taking bank loans to grow their businesses, start-up new businesses or revive an existing

It’s a connecting business which today is the next generation’s destination.

Unlike the Industrial Economy business which is limited to one some certain ranges of people.

Now, How does AIM Global work?

AIM Global is a 21st-century business that turns ordinary people into extraordinary millionaires through it’s leveraging modality of earning.

Starting up a standard everyday business requires you owning a shop physically, stocking up the shop with goods, getting electricity, security and many other miscellaneous needs.

This will lead to an expense of about N300,000 and as at such expense, no sales have been done.

That’s just setting up the business, you the need advertising to get buyers, another extra money and the people who will come to your shop can still decide to buy or not.

Now, that shop is an industrial business, it is situated in a fixed location and not everyone can connect to buying from the shop because it is not universal nor mobile.

AIM Global business works with binary.


AIM GLOBAL gives you a business opportunity you can do from your home, and become a millionaire (accumulating at least 10 million nairas) in 12 months.

  • A Leverage Business
  • A Risk-Free Business
  • A Home Based Business
  • A Relationship Business
  • You Choose Your Own Hours Of Work
  • You Are Your Own Boss
  • Your payment will be every day and it increases exponentially
  • No Compulsory Selling Of Products
  • Overseas Trip Opportunity

How Can AIM Global Help You?

.. You can retire early and enjoy the freedom lifestyle.

.. You can reach you and your loved ones’ dreams.

.. You can give a better and healthier life for your family.

.. You can pursue your passion and greater purpose.

.. You can help others achieve their own life goals.

.. You have a high-income potential, lifetime business

Our Products remedies the following ailments below…

  • Cancer of Any Origin
  • Infertility Problem
  • Low Sperm Count
  • Poor Erection
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • Heart Attack
  • Unhealthy Pregnancy
  • Low IQ
  • Fibroid
  • Early Menopause
  • Prostrate Infection
  • Chronic Dry Cough
  • Aging Disease ETC

Now, what’s to be done to make money from AIM Global?

Step 1: You become a Partner with AIM Global with just N38,000, N70,000, N114,000, N266,000 Or N570,000 Package

Pay your ₦38,000 into any of the company’s accounts.


Access Bank: 068 969 5216



Zenith Bank: 113 007 0042

STEP 2 PROCESS. SNAP THE TELLER RECEIPT, after your bank transaction. send me a clear copy of your snap teller receipt or screenshot online bank transfer on +2349036460569 or email Ugochi on [email protected] and be sure to notify me of payments, then I will verify your payment in the office as a confirmation that you already transfer or deposit the membership payment in the bank.

Talk to me nowhere?

Step 2: An account will be created for you on the company website.

Which is called DTC (Distributor’s Tracking Centre)

Step 3: A Package will be given to you, which contains Functional Food Supplements & Nutritional Beverages that are made from Plants, Vegetables, Fruits & Mushrooms.

Step 4: You are to use these products and study the health benefits you get from them, share some with your friends, family and even enemy.
Why would you share some to them, people tend to believe better when they experience things, so when they use these products, they will surely tell you positive things they noticed in their system after using these products you gave them.

NOTE: These products all have NAFDAC Certification, HALAL & KOSHER Certifications as well which means the Muslims & The Jews are allowed to take them.

Step 6: AIM Global Works with Binary, meaning 2.

You only need 2 persons to begin the business and start earning.

How will that work? There is no business or job anywhere in the world that doesn’t revolve around people. Self-employed people depend on people for their skills to fetch them money.

So, I am amazed sometimes, when some persons will say, I don’t know people, I am not the talking type, I can’t bring people etc.

The money we are looking for lies in the pockets of these people, this is the same secret the rich uses in making more money daily. The more population of people in the world, the more money for them.

What we should be concerned about now is: Is there a service that can be rendered to people or is there a product that can be sold to people? These are the 2 major concerns of a successful business person because in these 2 factors lies in the big money.

You don’t need to worry about who will join you or who will believe in you or listen to you.

Everyone cannot believe in you, everyone cannot join you, everyone cannot listen to you.

For Example: In churches, a pastor will preach a powerful sermon, and after the sermon, he makes an altar call for people to give their lives to Christ, the pastor might only have 5 or 10 persons who will come out to give their lives to Christ.

Out of a population of maybe, 200 People. It’s not as if the pastor’s sermon wasn’t captivating, it’s because no matter what you do or say, some people will still doubt you, they will still not listen to you.

So, if you understand this about life, you will know that people will reject you, this doesn’t mean, you are not good enough, but it’s part of life.

Step 7: When you get your 2. The business begins proper, those 2 persons will do the same thing you did by becoming a partner and starting the business and they will make money while you will make money as well.

For those 2 persons you connected, the company will pay you N10,800.

N3,000 Direct Connection Bonus for each of the two persons you connected which will give you N6,000 & N4,800 Matching Bonus

Now, those two persons you got will go get their 2, 2 each.

This is an illustration of how it works with leveraging in AIM Global.

We have got offices across the Nigerian Federation in states Like Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Uyo, Onitsha, Portharcourt, Kano, Warri and many other states coming soon. We are operational in these offices from Mondays To Saturdays.

The business is so legitimate that we pay tax to the Federal Government on every money you make, this is not a Ponzi scheme, there are activities done in which generates the income the company pays you.

This is not a get rich quick scheme and it is not robbing Peter to pay Paul business.

These are examples of the items that are in the pack that will be given to you as a mega value for your N38K when you are registering.

So, obviously, you are not losing out on anything because even if you decide to sell the items in it, you will still make back more than N38K from the supplements and beverages.

The question now is: How much have you made from those people joining Facebook through you?

Here Are The Partnership Stages Available On Board To Get You Started

1) N38,000 Package & Your Potential Earning Per Day Will Be N96,000

2) N114,000 Package & Your Potential Earning Per Day Will Be N288,000

3) N266,000 Package & Your Potential Earning Per Day Will Be N672,000

4) 570,000 Package & Your Potential Earning Per Day Will Be N1,440,000

Imagine making this in a year aside your present daily income.

Call me today and I promise you all your financial problems will be a thing of the pass.

Ocheme James

PS: A postponed decision is a missed opportunity.

Find out where successful people are going and join the trip.

Don’t wait to ask them how was the trip.

If you spend too much time thinking about something you will never get anything done.

How many great opportunities have you missed just because you needed to think about it or watch to see if others will fail?….and they didn’t?

Life is for the prepared, serious and committed!

Nothing happens by chance.

AIM Global has created more millionaires than any other network marketing companies in Nigeria…