Lady Reveals how pastor asked her for sex to fortified her spiritually

According a Twitter user, @dee20th a pastor she went to for prayers ask her for Sex in return on the ground that she needs sexual spiritual fortification as she was too weak and she need it for prayers to be answered.

She also revealed that when she said No, the pastor tried to convince her and later recommend her to some other men of God.

See her Tweets below:

After one demon that called himself a prophet charged me for prayers and i paid, he told me i was too weak so i need someone to stand in for me, i suggested

my mum thinking it was prayer and fasting but “man of God” said no…….#COZA

He said we only discussed one aspect of the prayers, for the second aspect he need to see me but i told him no i will not be able to travel we should do everything over the phone, he asked me if i have had a relationship with a man of God and i said no……

He said because i am not spiritualy strong, i have to have a sexual relationship with a man of God so that his spirit will enter me and make me firm and strong against any spiritual attack. I told him i can’t do it and this idiot told me that the prayers will not work….

I told him no problem he should forget about it because i will not do it but this bastard was insisting and was trying to recommend somebody or maybe himself. When he realised i will not do it he said the money i sent him was not enough so he borrowed money and did more prayers

That he is owing and spiritual debt is not good i said ok. God! This man called me one night and said he was in my apartment in apirit that i should change my night wear to something sexier lol, to cut the long story short i blocked him…..

He said people will tell you about how they went for prayers but they won’t tell you everything they did. I told 3 friends, 2 colleagues and my sister incase they don’t understand me again na this person…….

I blocked the idiot and if truecaller identify any number with pastor or prophet or brother i block immediately. I am back to my default settings i will not attempt any holy holy shit again. I don backslide to my former position.

This prophet is not a COZA pastor, i didn’t do this for likes and retweet, people were sharing their experiences with different MOG and i did mine so that people can learn from it. Nothing more

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