“My 10 year old sister has been Rape” – Nigerian Man cries out for Help


An unidentified man has taken to social media to cry out for help after his underage sister of less than 10 years was raped by a heartless man in Aba, Abia State.

He is looking forward to a lawyer that could help him fight this case that is at hand.

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He wrote;

Whatever it will cost or take to get a good lawyer in aba Abia state Pls someone should help me out… I was told that there are specific lawyers for this kind of problem… I am not letting go this one’s must go to jail… My heart is bleeding broken to pieces..

Reacting to this sad news, some well-wishing Nigerian adviced him to contact the police while other asked him to contact the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA)

See some of their comment from Instagram below:


Kindly take her to the nearest police station to lodge a formal complaint to the police immediately. The police will take your statements and direct the child to be taken to the Government hospital for medical examination. The suspect will be arrested immediately and be remanded in the prison custody.

The police will file the matter to the magistrate court and the magistrate will ask that the case file be sent to DPP in Ministry of Justice for advice. The magistrate will also ask thst the suspect be remanded in the prison custody pending the outcome of the legal opinion/advice from DPP.
The defence counsel (suspect’s lawyer) will try to apply for bail for the suspect and the judge may grant the bail or not (in most cases he won’t). The DPP will write legal opinion/advice and send to the Police.
Afterwards, the police will get back to DPP and DPP will file an information to the High court and the suspect will be prosecuted by the state through the state counsel in DPP. During the prosecution, the medical evidence, the child’s evidence (which may be corroborated p


Contact International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) they are everywhere in Nigeria they are interested in cases of violence against women and children.


You have just 2months to bring an action against the accused. Pls go to the police station and make an arrest. That is the first step


U dont need any lawyer they will charge u still nothing happens wat u need is due process advocate DM me for direction

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