Nigerians compare Falz to Fela as he releases “Talk”

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Nigerian Singer,  Falz who recently threw shade at the Federal Government, some Nigerian Pastors, and the Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC with his latest single ‘Talk’ has been compared to Nigerian Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti.

In his song ‘Talk’, Falz called out President Buhari consistent travels abroad, some pastors buying a jet and MURIC over the case of Hijab, and many others.

Here are some lyrics from the song below:

“Four years tenure, three years holiday.

“We buy your story but you no give us change, In 2019, 19,800 alawee.

“Three private jets you say you buy am for church, No be to dey smoke weed and dey raise hands up go make you next Fela.”

Falz has since stirred reactions from Nigerians as some compared him to

Here are some comments from Twitter below comparing Falz to Fela below;

@Akaebube “Falz scored a Hat Trick with this new video. 4 year Tenure, 3 Years Holiday”

“We buy your story, but you no give us CHANGE, The yawa wey we see, no be the security wey you promise” He is the real MVP of this 2019 season.”

@Rockrubber “has done what legends in Nigeria music can’t do since fela of blessed memory left the stage. Strongest activities activated.”

“No be to dey smoke weed and dey raise hands up go make you next Fela.”

@Shawnife_ “Four years tenure, three years holiday” “We buy your story but you no give us change” “In 2019, 19,800 alawee””3 private jets you say you buy am for church”

“Look at Falz speaking for the people, and addressing issues in the country. Fela would’ve been so proud of him.”

@OG_Samuel_jnr “Get your self a lawyer like FALz, Fela of our time. He Dragged APC, PDP, Muric,Buhari, politicians, fraudsters, runs girls, he dragged everybody”

@Kaypoisson1 “Falz touches pressing political issues which affects the development of Nigeria and the well being of the people.. He has become the people’s voice legend in the making.”

@Chunchine7 “Falz you are putting yourself into so much risk.These men are very dangerous
We pray notin happens to you. That song #talk is so transparent like water.”

@MOnwuasoeze “Falz is not your regular artist who only talks about brezz and ass, the fearless MCM exposes the ills in the Government lyrically. It won’t be out of place if we call him fela of our time who has balls, the best we can do is rally behind him and vote out incompetent Buhari.”

@Clinton_Vice_B “Falz is the Fela of our Generation. He has continued to address the ills of our government in his lyrics and has also continued to call out those involved without fear. A True Music Icon.”

@Chizybae “Nothing must happen to Falz o! Well we know whom to hold responsible but nothing must happen to him! Dude is all shades of Truth!

@Ani_nomso “Fela sang about Buhari’s Fraudulence and Failures in 1985, 34years later Falz is reminding Nigerians of the Failures of the same man. Different Musicians, 34 years in between, same message.”

@Kindadze “You see what Falz is doing with his music? Speaking for the people, addressing issues in the country. But the other guys think being Fela is about going topless and smoking cheap weed.”

@SmithVinci “Falz just dragged Muric
dragged Buhari, your favourite pastors. If there’s any artist challenging authority as Fela did, then its Falz.



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