Peter Psquare set to sue his Twin brother

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One of the Psquare brothers, Peter Okoye is set to sue his brother and a show promoter in  Angola for using his photograph to sell his twin brother’s show without his consent.

The 37-year-old singer even took steps to sue the parties involved – Many fans of the performer have responded to this current Peter’s activity On his Instagram page, Peter Okoye shared a post of a blurb flaunting himself and his twin brother.

The poster was being used to promote a show of his twin set to be held in Angola. The vocalist did not exactly think that it’s interesting that his photograph was being utilized to promote a show that had nothing to do with him.

While taking to Instagram, Peter wrote:

Na Wa o! So they needed my image to sell their show Angola. This promoters @pubfoureventos you’ll be hearing from my lawyers soon. #UnaDonFindMyTrouble

All things considered, it would seem that his fans are not having it and they need him to sue his sibling for copyright infringement.


Some people Mumu o,, why are some people so useless like this??? Is this about brothers issue of image,,,??? So is you pay and expecting psquare and saw on one of them how will u paint the one you didn’t see??? My promoter tho,,,


He is not stupid ❗️❗️❗️ why should they use his picture to sell out their concert … they didn’t use his picture till they heard is hit one more night and realized it will boost their concert if people taught he was coming … forget blood, this is business ❗️❗️❗️ they separated already


All I see is frustration🤣🤣🤣 Paul is better than you, and he is the voice of Psquare, it’s so obvious he has been the one singing all songs when you guys were together, dude you left Psquare and started a different sound, Move on🤣🤣🤣


Please Lord ,if my children will one day say ” I hate you to each other, let me.not see that day😭. Not matter what happens,you guys are one. I pray that devil dividing you two should never know peace😢


Please fans, let not hide away from the truth. In as much as we want both of them to back again, the truth must be told..i am one among those who wish to see them back again. If really Rude Boy did that nonsence in other to make way for his business show in Angola with the consent of Mr. P. I stand with Mr. P to sue him to court. He must be dealt with legally in Court. He must pay for it.this act is bullshit.. There is no brother affair here.


How do you declare war against your twin brother though🤦🏼‍♀️
I am a twin and nothing in this world would make me turn against my twin sister.
This is your blood!


But if the songs to be performed are from our favorite and Africa’s greatest duo PSQUARE then will it be wrong to use the image? I don’t think so. It will only be problematic if the image is used and kingrudy sings only his songs.. Then ur lawyers should… THE LAST IMAGE depicts only PSQUARE songs like Collabo and Personally… Just thinking through and WISHING THAT OUR GREATEST DUO COME BACK. I keep praying for that day and hope it will be soon. I i was happy when I saw the foto at first.


He’s your brother and stop being childish.. your brother can never be your competition! If you want to compete look for Davido n wizkid .family is still important.


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