“I am ready for Marriage” – Ella Mensah Says

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Ghana-born Nollywood actress, Ella Mensah has finally taken to her Instagram page to reveal that she is now she is ready for marriage as she celebrate her birthday.

Ella Mensah who is celebrating anniversary of her birth took to her Instagram page to share beautiful her photos of herself.

The actress, who is presently in New York, US, also used the day to pass a message across and it’s something that will excite her would-be suitors.

“Now, I’m ready for marriage” she says and it doesn’t appear to be a birthday joke. Ella is serious, dead serious.

Unlike previously in her life when she kept the truth about her job away from her suitors, she said she’s ready to let anyone who wants her hands to know all there’s about her.


“Usually, before I get serious with a guy, I don’t tell him who I am. The kind of men I date are not on social media and most times they don’t even watch movies. It’s only after we’ve become really close that I let them know what I do and I’ve come to realise that there’s always drama and all.

So, from now on, whoever I’m going to meet must know what I do from day one. I used to keep it away because most people just want to be with you because you’re an actress. That was what I was trying to prevent, but my next relationship, the person has to know from the onset and decide if he’s ready to go on with me or not.

When my ex got to know I was an actress, he would always call to know where I was, asked me to send pictures of where I was and speak with whoever I was with. It was just too much drama for me, so I’m going to let the next man I’ll be with to know from the onset. But for now, let me just focus on improving myself,” she once said in an interview with Potpourri.


But there’s a reality check for whoever wants to rock Ella’s boat.


“Why would someone give up their career for anybody? Did a lawyer, doctor etc give up their careers for anyone? I don’t have to stop being an actress for someone to marry me. No, it doesn’t make sense,” she had said when asked if she could leave acting for marriage.

Adding to why she believes she’s now ready for marriage, she said, “ I’m on the right track and my life is stable now. Also, I want to have more kids.”

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Sharing some beautiful photos on her Instagram page to celebrate her birthday, she wrote:

I’m officially a grown woman, it’s a wrap between me n my twenties 👊🏻 but I must confess, my twenties was a bombshell, I achieved a lot 💯 so many blessings n lessons, fell in love, fell out of love , made some bad ass moves and succeeded 🙏 cried so many times, became a Proud Mother in my twenties ❤️ met some amazing people in my twenties..,

I mean my twenties was amazing 😉 and I can’t wait for what my thirties has to offer but I’m soo grateful! God has been so good to me. \

Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve all these blessings that come my way 😭 … Dear Lord, THANK YOU for blessing me more than I deserve 🙏 .

On this SPECIAL DAY all I ask for is for y’all ( my family,froends, followers n my haters) to PRAY for Me.🙏 Dear Lord, on this beautiful and special day, pls grant me my heart desires In Jesus Name .., Amen 🙏

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