Simi Reacts To Being Compared With Teni, Says “We Can All Shine Together”

Nigerian singer, Simi has reacted to a Tweet by a fan  identified as Micheal Ogundero on Twitter after he tried to  compared her to fast rising star in the industry Teni.

According to her, both of them are working very hard and they can both shine together. She also stated that comparing of artists should end.

In a tweet, Micheal Ogundero wrote ;

Let’s start this year. Who do you prefer? Simi or Teni

Simi then quoted the tweet with a reply ;

Guys this is 2019. This needs to end. We all working, we can all shine. Harmless fun, but doing this all the time be like there’s only room for one or two women to prosper when there’s space for all of us. You can listen to all this amazing music at the same gaddem time





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