Former Big Brother Naija housemate, Cee-c has revealed that Alex had sex with Tobi.

Cee-c said this on ‘DoubleWahalaReloaded’ Friday night show with Ebuka.

According to her, Alex and Tobi deceived everyone in BBNaija that they were ‘Bestfriends’

She said: ‘Alex and Tobi deceived us with being Besties. Nina told me after the show while we were on the plane to Nigeria that Alex and Tobi had sex.”

Cee-c further added that she vowed not to talk to Tobi after he snubbed her the night of the finale.

“After Miracle was announced winner of BBNaija 2018, I was scared and anxious of the outside world.

“So I went to Tobi’s room, met Alex but Tobi refused to talk to me or let me in and since then I decided not to talk with him except on a professional level,” Cee-c said.

2018 Big Brother Naija housemates have just responded to Cee-C’s claim, that Alex and Tobi engaged in sexual relations in their lodging hotel in South Africa.

Recall that according to reports making the news that Cee-C who got an opportunity to talk on the third episode of the Big Brother Naija get-together show told Ebuka that Nina told her that Alex and Tobi had sex in the hotel room in South Africa.

According to lasts year 1st runners up Cee-C, The first she was told by Nina while they entered the pane was that ‘Alex and Tobi engaged in had sex in the hotel room ‘, and it made her snicker so uproarious in light of the fact that the pair earlier claimed they were besties in the house.

She further disclosed that she didn’t realize whether to manage the cynicism she was getting from Nigeria or the sex thing.

See some reactions from former Big Brother Naija housemates to the accusation below:


My mood right now. Ya’ll should stop DMing me, asking me why this person did this or that. Just watch till the end. One love ❤


Everything isn’t always as it seems!! —

Sometimes you have read between the lines… #princesswiththesauce #bbnaija#sexyandsassy

2018 Big brother Naija housemates, Alex has revealed why she always get uncomfortable when fellow housemates, Khloe joins her conversation with Leo while they were still in the Big Brother house.

Alex disclosed this before storming out of the Big Brother Reunion Show said that Khloe has a problem respecting people’s space and this always makes her uncomfortable whenever Khloe joins her conversation with Leo.

She also stated whenever she tells Khloe she doesn’t need her around, Khloe at that times will get offset with her the next day and she didn’t like the fact that Khloe was always trying to fix her conflicts.

She went on to advice Khloe.

Here are the videos below;

PART 1 #Alex is speaking about her relationship with #Leo and how she gets uncomfortable when #Khloe comes to join their conversations uninvited. Khloe had earlier said she knew Leo as a “smart” man and that he was “using” Alex. Follow @bbnaija_updates19 for more updates ✔️

2018 Big Brother Naija Housemates,  Cynthia Nwadiora aka CeeC has officially launched her own sportswear brand ‘CEGAR’.

The 1st runners from last year’s double wahala edition of Big Brother Naija took to her Instagram page to make this big announcement to her friends and family on the launching of her new brand.

She wrote:

This has been a long time coming but @officialcegar is finally here , and I have never been so excited and terrified at the same time .

Everyone who knows me , knows the gym is my solace for both my mental and physical fitness and I am sure many can agree that there are very limited options available in regards to gym apparel in Lagos .

Well , I decided to do something about that by starting my own line and also sourcing from other designers to increase availability. There are so many times i beat myself up for taking on this project at the busiest time of my life; this took a lot of sleepless nights , sweat, tears and money.

I almost gave up so many times but thank God for a Resilient spirit. My baby is finally here y’all and i am so emotional ?. Thank you to the people that worked with me on this , Words cannot express my gratitude.

We still have so much work to do but today we celebrate ! To my amazing Spartans, your unwavering support and RESILIENCE keeps me going, Thank you . To my family ,

what would I do without your love ? I just added my favorite title yet to my name ….
Cynthia Nkem Nwadiora ……Lawyer, Entertainer , Influencer and CEO !!!


2018 Big Brother Naija housemates and entrepreneur Nina Ivy aka Nina have revealed that she will like to be Herself in her next life.

The BBNaija star made this known via a post on her official Instagram page as she shares beautiful photographs of herself with a caption:

If I was given a Choice To Come Back To This World I Will Come Back As NINA !
Makeup : @makeupbychinny
Hair : @nina_empire_
Hair Styled By : @hairbylaurent
Dress : @mands_closet
Skin Glow : @greriviancosmetics

Meanwhile, Nina on Monday the 18th of  February 2019 made an announcement via her Instagram page that she is now the brand Ambassador of PERIWINKLE RESIDENCES. PERIWINKLE RESIDENCES is a real estate management company located in Lekki Phase 1 in Lagos Nigeria.

She wrote:

Say Hello To The Latest Multimillion Naira Deal Signed Ambassador @PERIWINKLERESIDENCES LEKKI PHASE 1 LAGOS NIGERIA !!!!! #PeriwinkleLifeStyleApartments#AfricasLeadingRealEstateCompany#NinaRising #BrandAmbassador#IvyLeague #NinaIvyLeague #NinaIvy#ThankYouJESUS ??
Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Tobi Bakre has revealed who he’ll be spending Valentine’s Day tomorrow with and if you think it’s a woman, wait for it.

The second runner up of the TV show, a few minutes ago, tweeted that he’ll be spending the Valentine’s Day alone and plans to show himself, love.

He revealed this in a thread where he shared his saddest love experience and why love can be hard to find sometimes. According to him, back in university days, he collected money from his family and starved for a month in preparation to spend Valentine’s Day with a lady he thought was his future wife. After sending her money and spending money for the date, she didn’t show up for it as planned. He found her later that night partying with men her father’s age.

See his Tweets below:

Oh finally. A chance to rant about my saddest valentine experience. You see why to love can be hard sometimes.

Years back in uni. This particular girl I liked and wanted to impress on Vals day. I collected money from my father. Mother. Sister. Minus my , baba no send me. Starved that whole month just to save money and impress this ‘babe’. Vals day came. I had ordered for a cab

No way I was driving. I wanted back seat snuggling on the way back from the restaurant in VI I had booked. I sent the ‘babe’ money to get a cab and join me. I also got her a new bold2 at the time. Prior to that we were in romance terms o. I thought I found my future wife.

She said she saw a lifetime partner in me too. So I felt the need to put my all in this thing. She called after getting alert and said she was on her way. 30mins later I called her. Number busy. Another 30mins after. Number unreachable. But I had sent address so I didn’t panic.

I waited roughly 3hours. My phone battery was low. It was late. Decided I’d join a few friends at a club nearby and use their power bank and boost up since they were out with their babes. I entered the club na. Sad, frustrated and very worried. Ice cream and chocolate had melted

I had thrown flower away self. The song playing was ‘Turn me on’ by Kevin Lyttle. I will never forget. I saw my friends and joined them. Sat down and looked to the table on the right. There my ‘babe’ was. With champagne in her hand dancing on chairs with men her father’s age.

I didn’t cry o. It didn’t pain me atall. You know me na. I have always been a bad guy. Bt somehow sha. Someones drink poured on my cloth and the tears just started to flow. Ah. Not sure my heart has recovered See eh. This valentine. It is me and me alone. I will show myself love

2018 Big Brother Naija housemates, Chinonso Onyenobi aka Nina Ivy has  Officially Launched her own YouTube Channel ‘Ninas Corner’.

She made this announcement via a post on her Instagram page a few minutes ago. According to her, she will be taking her fans on the journey of her life behind the scenes.

She is also asking her fans to subscribe to her new youtube channel as she planned to get 1000 Subscribers Today

She wrote:

Good Morning Fam I just Officially Launched My YouTube Channel #NinasCorner
I will Be Taking You On A Journey Of My Life Behind The Scenes .

Thank You To those that Have subscribed. #TEAMNINA We can Do This and Get to 1000 Subcribers Today!! Click Link In My Bio . https://youtu.be/GIazfAomjr4

Your Reviews and What You want to see in my #NinasCorner Episodes are Welcomed.
Thank You Fam
Videography : @nikankonxeptsstudios
Makeup : @makeupbychinny
Hair : @nina_empire_
Creative Direction : @Force_ng

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2018 Big Brother Naiaj housemates, Nina Chinonso Onyenobi has revealed that Nollywood veteran actress Tonto Dikeh is her role model.

In an exclusive interview with the sun, Nina opened up on life before the BBNaija show, how she survived in the Big Brother house and her affair with former housemate and winner of the 2018 edition, Miracle, among other interesting issues.

Read the full interview below;

Tell us about your childhood

I’m from a happy family, not rich, not poor but just average. At least, we ate three times a day. We are five children and I am the fourth born, three girls and two boys. I was an easy-going child, more of an extrovert. I’m 21 going 22. Growing up was fun. My parents took good care of us. They provided our needs.

Before Big Brother came along, what were you doing?

I was a student and model. I made wigs and also did make-up. I had interest in make-up and facial modeling. I was aspiring to be an actor, though I was already acting in church, I really looked forward to a Nollywood break. Back then, I remember I starred in a movie entitled, Twin Affairs where I played the role of a gold digger, it was a major role.

How did you discover your ability to act?

When you are passionate about something, things happen naturally. Acting is something I love. With love and passion you can achieve anything.

Big Brother transformed you from the girl-next-door to a celebrity in just three months. How did you get to know about it?

The passion to be part of Big Brother started after I watched a previous edition. I was so moved I decided I wanted to go for the show, and then, a friend sent me the audition flyer. I was so excited and I just wanted to do it. First, I went to church and committed my dream into the hands of God. In fact, I went to Shiloh, which ended on a Saturday, the day I was supposed to audition. But then, I did my auditioning on Sunday and passed. That was the first audition and the crowd was massive! I made it through the first audition in Port Harcourt and the second audition in Lagos, and then there were more auditions and I just kept going until I landed in the House.

Did your parents encourage you?

They were happy, encouraging and praying for me. Even if they didn’t, I would still have gone for it, because it’s my future I’m building. The idea of finishing school and being jobless was terrifying! So, I really needed to start building my life in terms of what I like, what I wanted my life to look like and besides, if I succeeded, it would be a big boost to my family, especially my siblings.

What do you think made you stand out of the crowd during the auditions?

It was because I didn’t go there with any strategy. I went there being Nina. During the audition, they saw that I was real. I later asked one of the organisers and he said that the reason why they chose me was because I was real. You see, I was open and honest on every question they asked me. They saw the honesty in my answers. I believe that’s the major reason they chose me. Back in the House too, they asked me if I had a strategy and I said ‘no, I have none’. Truth is, I didn’t even know what my life was, so I wanted to go in there and watch my life. I went there as a plain girl that anybody could read and understand.

Tell us, who is the real Nina?

I’m a very honest, open and down-to-earth person, with a very pure heart. And I don’t gossip. If you annoy me, I’d come straight and tell you. I don’t gossip. I’m just like that because that’s who I am and I can’t change. I hate gossip and I hate proud people. I don’t pretend and I’m not proud.

What was the greatest advice you received that contributed to your success at the show and who gave it to you?

That was my sister, I. J, and Aunty Oge Okoye. They advised that I should not pretend but go there and just be Nina. So, I went there and I was Nina; I was me. I didn’t even know Nina until I went into the Big Brother house. But I really wanted to know who Nina was. You don’t really know who you are until you go there (Big Brother), because the platform will define you. It’s exciting. I went to Big Brother and discovered myself.

Did the people you met in the house intimidate you?

Yes, because they were older and very loud. They made too much noise and I don’t like noise. I am not used to loud people. I am a very calm and reserved person. They all wanted their voices to be heard, so it really held me back until they started getting evicted and Biggy’s advice and Miracle’s advice inspired me. They always advised me to be strong. At some point, I was crying a lot and even wanted to go home, but Big Brother made me strong. I noticed Big Brother liked me because of the advice he used to give me. Big Brother showed me love through his advice as a big brother.

What’s your take-away from Big Brother show and how has it built you?

I can now express myself very well regardless of where I am, regardless of who is there. In the Big Brother house, I was with celebrities, dignitaries and lots of great people that visited the house. So today, anywhere I find myself, I am able to express myself.

Was it love at first sight with Miracle?

Miracle and I met before we moved into the House. So, we were already friends. It’s just normal, mutual friendship. We met at the audition and got into the house, and before we knew it, nature ran its course. I’m not regretting anything because I found out he was true to me. It wasn’t his strategy.

What attracted you to Miracle?

Wow! He said because I was real he trusted me. He found out that I was very real. And Miracle by nature is very real and open. He doesn’t fear anybody. That was what actually attracted him to me. Miracle is someone you can confide in, and besides, he’s a man of his words. Yes, whatever he says, he does. He promised to be there for me till the finals and he was there for me.

Back in the house, when was your breaking point?

(Laughter) That was when everyone was bullying me.

Why do you think they were bullying you?

They all knew my age and were expecting me to respect them, because I was the youngest. But when they didn’t get that respect, they decided to bully me. So, when Big Brother told me to ignore them, because everybody is equal regardless of age, my vocal chord was activated! I started talking. Initially, I was scared but when Big Brother started telling me these things, I felt I had been liberated and started talking very well.

Who would you like to act with in Nollywood?

Tonto Dikeh.


I love her personality. Tontoh Dike is my role model; she’s just amazing! What’s your advice for those who desire to participate in Big Brother 2019?
Go for auditions and pray hard. If it’s you, it’s you. If it’s not you, it’s not you. If they pick you, just go there and live your life. People may not like you if you live someone else’s life, but people will just love you more if you’re true to your real self.

source: The Sun

Big Brother Naija Show host and Media personality, Ebuka have finally reacted to BBNaija aspiring contestants putting their photographs alongside with the Big Brother Logo, asking and begging for support when the Audition hasn’t even started.

This came after a Twitter user asked Ebuka on Twitter if the organizers of the show gave out information for aspiring contestants to start attaching their photos with the Big Brother Naija’s logo? to asked support when the Audition itself has not started.

Ebuka who is the host of the show responded by saying;

Like, are your followers the ones auditioning? Or you think if auditions were done on social media that wouldn’t have been specifically announced? I don’t get”

Continuing he wrote; “In fact, you’re probably even doing yourself more harm. A major element of Big Brother is secrecy and surprise but you think announcing your intentions on social media is a bright idea… Toh!”

A Twitter user then replied;

They probably thinking if they even get voted into the #BBNaija house. More followes = more votes.”

Ebuka then replied;

 “If the organizers wanted people with followers on the show, they know exactly where to get them. More than half the housemates last season had less than 1000 Instagram followers on the day the show started.”

In conclusion; You risk disqualification from the audition putting your photos side-by-side the Big Brother Naija Logo!

2018 Big brother Naija Housemate, Leo Dasilva has revealed that he is abstaining from s*x  till he is married.

According to him, he is not having any type of s*x and also that he is protecting himself for marriage.

This revelation came while he responded to a question posed to him on Twitter, with his response;

“I’m not having any type of sex. Protected or unprotected. I am keeping myself for marriage”.

Big Brother Naija to hold after 2019 elections and inaugurations

Popular Nigerian TV reality shows, Big Brother Naija is to hold after the February general elections, according to reports. you will recall that the last two editions of the show usually kicked off in January, but this year will be an exemption as the shows as being postponed until after the 2019 elections.

A source from Payporte (the official sponsors of the reality show) disclose that;

Big Brother will still hold but because its a political year, we can’t really control to what extent what the housemates will say in the house and we dont want it to become a tool that will heat up the polity’.

He also added that;

the show itself normally gets twisted so we don’t want to mix it up with politics in anyway. Its supposed to be entertaining, we wouldn’t want it to be divisive in anyway. If you notice, no religious activity gets discussed in the house too, if you want to pray you can pray, we don’t want anyone to be forced to do it or divide Nigerians along those lines. So after the elections and inaugurations, it’ll happen‘.

The last edition of the shows which ended in April 2018 with Miracle Ikechukwu emerging the winner.