M.I Abaga

Nigerian legendary rapper, Jude Abaga AKA  M.I has revealed that he never wanted to be the most popular rapper in Nigeria.

In an interview with PTV, he disclosed that he only wanted to be able to feed and take care of his family.

“As long as I can feed myself, take care of my family and be happy, I’m a very private person. I never wanted to be the most popular,”

“Getting older as an artiste, you need to start thinking about things that are more important.

“Though the pressure has been much on me, I’ve never been depressed.

“It’s okay to try and not get it right. It’s okay not to have the best car or watch. It okay if don’t fly private. Don’t put pressure on yourself. Happiness comes first; every other thing should be secondary.”

When he was asked if he had any plans on going into the movie industry he said;

“I want to approach it from a production standpoint. I’ve long been a fan of movies but I don’t want to enter as an actor,”

“I want to find talented directors, writers and support them with my skill set. We have an exciting script and it’s going to be a movie that everyone would want to watch.”

Nigerian Legendary rapper M.I Abaga has taken to his Instagram page to share a beautiful photograph of himself and his lady to celebrates the new year.

In his post, the rapper reveal how he lost things, relationships, time, investments and even people in 2018 but she was the best thing that happen to him in 2018.

Read his post below;

I lost things along the way.. relationships, time, investments… People ?.. but here is to 2019 and doing this crazy thing called life for at least another 365 days.. this picture sums up best what 2018 felt like.. keep the most important people close.. words for 2019. Blessings and light to you all!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!