Why I Changed My Name – Terry G


Nigerian superstar singer, Terry G has revealed why he changed his stage name from Terry Gzuz to Terry Genius.

In a recent interview, He revealed that his decision to change his stage name was due to his desire to re-brand and a need to have a better focus as an artiste. During the interview, he also clarified the rumor that he was threaten by unknown ‘religious fanatics’ sources which had changed his stage name.

He said

“I did not receive any death threat for initially changing my stage name to Terry Gzuz. Sometimes people call me Terry Gzuz when they chat with me online. When they spell Gzuz as Jesus, I try to correct them immediately.“Now that I have rebranded, when the same people call me Gzuz I tell them that I have changed it to Genius.

Nobody has kicked against this yet. I think they like it. They even praise me for it. Like I said earlier, I have not been issued any death threat for changing my stage name. I just want to focus on being positive,”

Terry G also alway stated that, the arrival of his son helped him to reduce his controversial lifestyle.

He said,

“Initially I made it seem like I love the controversies but change is constant. At the end of the day, I do not want to be a bad example to the younger generation. I thank God that I have a child because he also made me to have a re-think about my life. I had to relax and re-examine my lifestyle on and off the stage. I thank God that it is working well for me.”


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