World Oldest Living Man Dies At 113

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World oldest living man, Masazo Nonaka passed on gently Sunday morning in his home at 113 years of age in japan.

Nonaka was generally free. He utilized a wheelchair to get around and appreciated perusing papers and wandering out to a close-by spring shower once per week. He likewise adored eating desserts toward the end of a meal.

According to his granddaughter, Yuko they were shocked at his death.

She said;

“We feel shocked at the loss of this big figure,”  “His last moments were calm. He passed away without causing our family any fuss at all.”

“I had many quarrels with him, but we had enjoyed being together,” “I’m filled with feelings of gratitude.”

Nonaka doesn’t hold the Guinness World Record of the oldest of all time, Jiroemon Kimura who was also from Japan was the oldest but he died in 2013 at 116 years old.

On the 10th of April 2018, the British organization confirmed that Nonaka was the oldest living man on earth.

World oldest woman who was from France died in 1997 at the age of  122.





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