“Your work is trash”– Toyin Lawani Blasts upcoming designer

Nigerian fashion designer and entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani has taken to her Instagram page call out an upcoming designer who copied her work.

According to Toyin, the young designer work is trash despite all her of her efforts to copy her designs.

She also lectured the young designer for not understanding the consequences of copying other people’s intellectual property, as it is the same as being manner-less and disrespectful.

Read her Instagram post below:

I give you today to think about your actions and delete her picture , @anixwears you Are Extremely mannerless and disrespectful, most of you don’t know the repercussion of intellectual property theft , As most of my creations are now copyright registered and protected ,see it’s one thing that you all imitate my Designs All the time and I ignore ,cause I know I inspire you all ,atleast if you want to copy switch it around abit and create it in a nice neat way.

But It’s another thing when you now imitate it looking like A Rag and collaging it with my original creation , it’s now another Disrespect to put my Beautiful celebrity client Actress @lindaosifo near this dustbin to promote your business , jeezeee🤦‍♀️when will Nigerians stop this mess , my Hard sweat is all over the local markets all the time.

My company is still suffering from the loss mass production of like 10 of my creations, Nigerians can be billionaires through fashion if the Government was to invest more in its law and factories ,but no they focus on irrelevant things, Jesus is lord.

Imagine the young up-comers who don’t have money to invest in themselves abroad or mass produce , they will be ripped off regularly just for posting a creation they just made,i feel like throwing up.

at least if you want to copy copy tastefully , when they tell you come to @tiannahstylingfashionacademy you will say no it’s expensive, you will now Go to Abegi tailoring school and comman be using hammer to copy my Beautiful creations that I spent nights on to come up with , with my Brain and hands 🙆🏻‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ someone please pet me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


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